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   Ulnar Neuritis, Stiff Elbow and Hemorrhoid


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   Mr. Wen, 66 years old, a retired engineer of China Academy of Science, came to visit us for his right elbow pain and stiff in double elbows on Jan. 152002.

   He had obsolete damage in his two elbows due to weight lifting when he was young. Physical examination showed that two elbows couldn't stretch normally, and the right side was more serious. Tenderness was found in his right elbow. The pain affects his daily activities. X-ray examination showed hyperosteogeny in both elbows. Ulnar Neuritis and Stiff Elbow were given of diagnosis. It was an Excessive Syndrome in TCM system for his pain with tenderness.

   We taught him some method of Guigen Qigong to dredge the obstructed channels. The main method is focusing his mind on lower dantian while inhale, and relaxing lower abdomen, lower back, legs and elbows exhale. Each time practice about 40 min, and twice or 3 times a day. This was effective. He got the sensations of relaxation, one kind of floating, lightness in his whole body, including 2 elbows. The pain in his right elbow was decreased.

   After 2 weeks, he had a relapse of his hemorrhoid, which was often triggered by over-walking. The main symptoms were tenesmus or distention in anus area, local hard node, and cataclysm with bleeding in re-opened fistula outlet. By analyzing, we considered: (a) Meddle Qi in Chong Channel was weakened by the taught practicing method, (b) the old illness was triggered or awakened by the qigong practicing. Remedial measure was given of reverse breath, which was used by Taoist practicing and accumulating essence and Qi for Microcosmic Qi circulation. The later was inserted during practicing the former. There were about 9 reverse breathes in each inserting.

   The modified practicing prescription promoted the accumulation of his qi and essence. The sensations of floating and lightness came much faster and easier than before. It is much easier to get the mind tranquilization. The symptoms of hemorrhoid were decreased with the modified practicing going. At the end of June, 2002, all symptoms disappeared. No tenesmus or distention in anus area, local hard node disappeared, no cataclysm and bleeding anymore. Walking one circle in The Summer Palace taken about 2 hours, he doesn't possess the troubles suffered before. 

   His stiff elbows keep no obvious change, but the pain is controlled by practicing and integrated healing measures. His quality of life  is greatly improved.

   Discussion: In TCM and Qigong theory, qi is the root of life, and our normal body structures and physiological functions are supported and maintained by our invisible qi. The Chinese ancient told us: "There is qi, there is life." That means the organic or structural diseases (something like hemorrhoid) are also caused by qi disorder. Namely, the life of local cells and organs are maintained and adjusted by some kind of qi. TCM theory holds that Middle Qi deficiency or Middle Qi sinking causes the hemorrhoid. TCM herbologists often use "Buzhong Yiqi Decoction" to heal patients with gastroptosishysteroptosisand hemorrhoid, which are the common results of sunk Middle Qi. The meaning of "Buzhong Yiqi Decoction" is decoction for mending Middle Qi. The qi of human comes from the balanced food, the air taken in, surrounding qi and balanced state of our mind. We taught Mr. Wen to practice first method. His weakened Middle Qi couldn't bear the hit of "mind-guided-qi-going-down practicing" and aggravated the symptoms of his hemorrhoid. In traditional qigong theory, there was principle that "qi will go where your mind go". We taught him with Taoist reverse breath to reverse and mend his sunken Middle Qi and got satisfactory result. Our lesson is that to know relatively detailed case history is necessary, before qigong healing teaching.

---- By Dr. Xu


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