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What is Qi? for acupuncturists and whom interest in the topic

Qi is the subtle vital energy running in and around your body, which is the bridge of healing body diseases. The Qi in Qigong is different from "De Qi" an acupuncturist experienced in puncturing an acupoint. 

How to know or feel the running Qi along channels just by your daily used needle? 

Ok, let's begin now:

1. Practice with one of your colleagues, family members or clients. Make your object a relaxed supine posture or a relaxed sitting posture as the pictures show (join our group, click photos).

2. Hold a 3 to 5 cun needle between your fingers, point needle tip to some acupoint, Baihui, Yintong, Shanzhong, Zhongwan or lower dantian (around Qihai) in a distance of 1 to 3 cm (no touch of the body). 

Or hold 2 needles in each hand, make the needles point to each other or being parallel in 1 cm, as the pictures show (join our group, click photos). 

3. Relax your body and hand, then wait what will happen between your fingers or around the needle. No action, relaxing your shoulders, arms and fingers thoroughly, following the changes. 

4. Or, move the needle down and up in a slow and smooth way, and at the same time visualize or imagine the needle being inserted into and pulled out of the body (in a distance of 3 to 30 cm, not really inserted). Practice patiently and repeat the movements 30 to 40 minutes each time.

Tell your friend, practice with them now, and join us, Guigen International 

What did you feel?  What did your object feel? Access to published  

Case Reports and Successful Stories of Feeling Qi and Qi Healing

Share your experiences to help others, or consult others for help in our group. 

What is the best way to strengthen your own Qi and refine your sensitivity?

Qigong practice and helping others are the best ways to refine your own Qi system, which are time tested heritages. Tell your friends, practice now, and change the conventional mindset and medical system.  


Some of you are very sensitive to Qi, and you can feel the Qi in no time. The others, several days of practice are necessary. Or change the object, for some object' Qi is very strong and much easier for beginners to feel. To refine and strengthen your Qi, just practice more... 

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Group Homepage, GuiGen International, Join Us Now: 


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