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Case Report 1

From: "Roberta..." <>   Date: Tue Nov 22, 2005 11:00 pm Subject: Re: [guigen_qigong] Feel qi by needle

Hi all...

I've done it using QiHai. I felt like the acupoint was pulling the needle. I asked a patient to do it too, in order to feel Qi, and she got the similar experience...

Roberta, Terapias Orientais, 


Case Report 2

Dear all

... Your experiment with needles woke me up ;)  I can say I felt kind of electric vibration in my fingertips holding the 2 needles at a distance, a sensation which slowly diminished with time. At the tips of the needles there should happen something observable too? I couldnít notice anything there; no direct sensation either, holding the needle above Yintang, ...

Ire, EU


Case Report 3

Ms. L. C. Y.   Clinic Patient. Age:  41. Occupation: Computer Engineering. Diagnoses: (1) Cervical Syndrome, Back and Should Pain. (2) Chronic Pelvic Inflammation. 

Healing Method: Object with supine position. Operator remits Qi with needle (feels qi by needle). Join us, See published photos: .

Visiting Date and Treating Time: Dec. 8, 2005. Feeling Qi by Needle, 40 minutes. 

What Did You Feel (Operator Felt)? Very obvious cold Qi from upper part of Ren Channel to  Shanzhong Point, and warm Qi in Qihai Point. In should area, vibrating Qi made the needle shaking. 

What Did Your Object Feel (Healing Results)? During the process, the object felt a running Qi downward. Cold Qi  went out through her hands and legs and then fell asleep unconsciously. After the healing, she felt being energized, mind cleared and body relaxed. The night before second visit, she did the same at home herself as she did on the healing table (in supine position, recalling and repeating the healing process experienced in our clinic), she felt huge extended arms and legs with extremely harmonious mind and body, then fell asleep unconsciously again and had a very sound sleep. 

Operator and Reporter: Mr. Shen, trainee, International Department, Beijing TCM University, from Korea. 

Comments:  " the object felt a running Qi downward. Cold Qi  was going out through hands and legs". If the patient suffers from cool limbs, it mean that he/she has a poor circulation in extremities in terms of conventional medical system (structure based medical system), which is one of the symptoms of cervical syndrome, disorders of nerve and endocrine system.... In Qigong Medical System (Qi-rooted Medicine), poor Qi distribution in arms generally indicates the problems of internal organs of upper part of body. This case is cervical syndrome. Poor Qi distribution in lower limbs generally means Kidney Qi deficiency, Lower Jiao (Lower Warmer) problems. This case is Chronic Pelvic Inflammation in terms of structure based medical system. The treatments are body work, surgical operation, antibiotics and hormone complementing... acting in physical, structure dimension. In Qigong Medical System, the healing is repairing the "damaged Qi", not the damaged structure. The object felt (Cold Qi  went out ) mean her damaged Qi System was repairing and would be well repaired. "Huge extended arms and legs" means her stagnated channels were channeling or would be further channeled. If we test her with brain wave machine in the same time, the α-rhythm will predominate in her brain waves, which was verified 20 years ago by our senior masters.  Well-repaired Qi System will lead to sound body structure (More related information, please join us, review Message 380 ). 



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