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Cupping can be divided into several kinds, which are cupping (static cupping), flashing cupping, running cupping, needle cupping, sticking cupping and more.

Static cupping is to suck the cups on some acupoints or ailment area for 10~15 min.

Flashing cupping is that the operator holds a cup in one hand and a burning fire in another, and sucks the acupoint and takes off the cup quickly with certain frequency.

Running cupping is that the sucking cup moves along channels or the tension muscles.

Needle cupping is means put needles on some points first and then put on a sucking cup over the needling points. Or the needle handle is with alcohol cotton, and light the cotton and then put on the cup.

Sticking sleeted acupoints with thick needle, or fire needle or three-edged needle and making the stabbed points bleeding, and then cupping, which is to help removing stagnation and is called stick supping.

Experienced TCM doctor uses the above methods selectively based on patients present condition.

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