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 1. Increased My Endurance

This has truly been an adventure 
in learning more about myself. 
Before your words of wisdom and 
teaching I could never have had 
the endurance to be still for 
Thank you for your wisdom and 
A student (from U. S. A.)




















 2. No Words to Express the Experience´

     Master Xu,

   There are no words to express the experience of having studied Qigong with you.

   It has been one of the most memorable times of my life being in China with our group and laughing and learning with you. It will continue to feed me. And the practice of Qigong will be a lifetime practice. It has touched my heart.

   Thank you.

   A student    (from U. S. A.)



3. Movement Is My Life

   To Dr. Xu Hongtao who I lovingly refer to as ^Dr. Cutie! ̄

     I give you my deepest thanks for the gift of your teachings. It is hard for me to find words that convey how important I think your work is ... The work of teaching Qigong of spreading it around the world, I am a dancer , a massage therapist. Movement is my life. I find in your work the same truths I have found in my studies thus far. This makes me feel affirmed, inspired to go deeper.

   Thank you!

   I will continue to practise.

   Think of you Always.

   Love, your devoted student,

                                         ------ ERIN, U S A

  Note:  We are sorry we can¨t give you some student names for we fail to get touching with above students. We think they would not mind us publishing their words here.

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