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  Dr. Khalid Al_mugbel, Ph.D. from Saudi Arabia Learned Guigen During the SARS Time


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       Dr. Khalid Al_mugbel, Ph.D. is a nutritionist, official consultant of Health Ministry of Saudi Arabia. He is a visiting scholar to International Collaborating Center for Traditional Medicine of the WHO (World Health Organization) in Xiyuan Hospital, and his study program is supported by WHO and his government. His 6-month study covers the programs of Guigen Qigong, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicated Diet.  The picture shows that he was being off the class of Chinese Medicated Diet and on the way to Qigong Department for Guigen Qigong.  


     Mask was not necessary in the wood , for here was free from SARS. Dr. Khalid Al_mugbel was practicing Guigen Qigong in The Summer Palace in April. 2003.

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