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Dr. Suzanne  Friedman is a senior qigong instructor and  has her own qigong institute in U. S. A. She came to China and studied Guigen Qigong with Dr. Xu in Feb 2003 for 2 weeks.  She was leading students and patients practicing the Kidney Section, Guigen Qigong in Qigong Department.



Dr. Suzanne  Friedman has very keen ability of qi-related diagnosis. A male patient with lumbar disc project was receiving Tuina therapy in Qigong Department. A qi detect was made by Dr. Suzanne  Friedman and she found the man not only suffered from disc problem, and has qi stagnations in his head and chest areas. She give the qi diagnosis, "emotional disorders" in recent days.  It was proven by the patient' presentation. The picture shows she was detecting and healing for a woman with rheumatoid. She will teach Guigen Qigong in his own clinic and spread Guigen in her country. 

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