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Guigen in Brazil








Seminars on Guigen Qigong are holding

at universities in Sao Parlo,Brazil.



Wuji Standing Posture,or Preparation for

The Dynamics of Guigen Qigong. Apr.,6 1995



Section 5, The Dynamics of Guigen Qigong.

Apr.,18 1995.




University faculty and students were

practicing Guigen Meditation

  in their auditorium. Apr.,24 1995.



Starting form of The Dynamics of

Guigen Qigong. Apr.,28 1995.

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医学生练习归根气功 Medical Students are practicing Guigen Qigong

         Practitioners from Japan are learning Guigen Qigong  日本学员练归根气功

   为期两周的美国陆教授归根气功团队Prof. Ken Lu. Group of Guigen fr. USA

         了解氣的医学,英国医师练习归根气功 Doctors fr. UK Practicing Guigen Qigong  


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