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Doctors from Montenegro, Panama, Belarus, Grenada and other 10 counties

were practicing Standing Meditation, Guigen Qigong International 


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History Events, Guigen

Students from Korea and Mongolia Practice GuiGen Qigong   Nov.,  2006

Simon Blow and Jing' Group from Australia Visit Our Clinic  Nov. 9, 2006

Yoga Instructor, Diana from USA Practice Guigen with Our Patients  Oct. 16, 2006

Acupuncturist from Ireland Study Guigen Qigong in Our Clinic  Oct. 8, 2006

Simon Blow' Tourist Group Visit Our Qigong Clinic  Sept. 15,  2006

Dr. Group from Colombia Practice Guigen with Learners from USA  Sept. 14,  2006

Prof. Kenneth Lubowich' Group from USA Study Guigen Qigong    Sept.   2006

Mari Kubota, USA, Visit Our Clinic and Practice Guigen Sept. 1, 2006

Qigong Practitioners from Holland and Canada Visit Our Clinic July 27, 2006

Students from Italy and Iceland study Qigong with Dr. Xu  Jun. 15, 2006

Tourist Group from Danmark Visits Our Clinic Jun. 9, 2006

Doctors  from Columbia   Visit  Our Clinic  Jun. 6 2006

Mr. Zhang Chongjiu' Doctor-Group Visit  Our Clinic  Apr,  27, 2006 

 Mr. Zhang Chongjiu' Drs Group Visit  Qigong & Tuina Department   Apr,  13, 2006 

Doctors and Massage Therapist from Switzerland Study Guigen Qigong   Apr,  9, 2006 

Simon Blow' Qigong Group Fr Australia Visit Our Clinic and Review Guigen Apr,  5, 2006 

Prof. Kenneth Lubowich' Cupping, Tuina (therapeutic massage) Teaching Program  Apr. 2006

Prof. Kenneth Lubowich' Group from USA Study Guigen Qigong Apr.  2006

Simon Blow Retreat Group in Australia  Jan.  2006

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