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Soft Dynamic


1. The Statics, Guigen Meditation  

Standing Posture, Guigen Meditation

Sitting Posture, Guigen Meditation

Lying Posture, Guigen Meditation


2. The Dynamics, Movements of Guigen

Section 1 Heaven, Earth and Human (Global Regulation)

Section 2 Regulation of Spleen and Stomach

Section 3 Regulation of Lung and Large Intestine

Section 4 Regulation of Kidneys and Bladder

Section 5 Regulation of Liver and Gallbladder

Section 6 Regulation of the Heart and Small Intestine



3. The Theoretic Teaching of Guigen

Whats Qi, Qigong, Qigong therapy, Medical Qigong, Qigong Medicine?

The Origin & Development of Qigong?

The best hospital is Nothingness, Why? or Why the purpose of our practice is for Nothingness?

Whats Daoliving?

Three medical systems in China.

Or more...the topics you posed...

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