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First English translation was written by Jerry Alan Johnson & Seth Lefkowitz, revised by Kandy Love and other students, 

final revising by Dr. Xu. 

Oct. 6, 2001

Starting Position Stand with feet about shoulders wide. Knees slightly bent or locked, arms hanging at sides, palms facing rear. Body and mind relaxed. Gaze at a distance for several minutes (Look straight ahead at a point, relaxed mental focus. then pull in remote qi, using imagination into lower Dantian for several minutes.

Warming up and Closing Movements From the same starting position rotate hands (arms) forward while imagining scooping up earth qi. Dip body slightly as you begin scooping. Then raise hands (arms) up ward, extending overhead, imagine supporting a big ball to gather heaven qi. Then lead heaven qi down, imagine pouring qi penetrating the whole body, bones, muscles, internal organs as both hands travel down the front of body, imagine the qi sinking deep into the earth. End in starting position.

Section 1

   Global Regulation Purpose, regulation of yin and yang qi and bringing energy downward.

(1). Begin with warming up movement.

(2). Scooping. From starting position begin to twist from left to right, imagine scooping earth qi with left hand. Right hand stays relaxed and follows body movement while maintaining position. The left hand moves from the left lower rear corner to right upper front corner (a diagonal path). Body faces right front corner 45 .

(3). Penetrating. While turning the body straight to the front, using the left hand begin pulling heaven qi into the crown point (Baihui). Using your imagination, guide it down and penetrate the whole body, bones, muscles, internal organs and further to the earth until the hand reaches original starting position at left side.

(4). Shining and Pressing. Begin twisting as far as you can turn to the left with palms parallel to the floor until the left palm is over the right heel and the right palm is over the left toes. Then press down while you imagine pushing qi into the earth. lower your entire body slightly as you do this.

(5). Transition (Feeling Qi). Twist back to the right side while left hand stays relaxed and with a holding ball. Right hand is feeling (sensing). Imagine stroking the fur of a tiger. From the right side begin the sequence again.

(6). Repeat movements 2~6 from this side. Practice both sides 3 times.

(7). Closing. Return to starting position. Imagine all the yin and yang channels open and feel the energetic (qi) field around the body fill up.

Then end the exercises with closing movement.

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