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The Legacy Of Your Wisdom And Skill Shall...

Although our mouths do not make the same words, our hearts share a common language.

Therefore, it is with our hearts that we thank you for welcoming us and sharing with us your wisdom. We have come to you with empty cups and you have filled them to overflowing with knowledge that we shall treasure for a life time.

In return we promise to share what we have learned here with our friends and students in America, so that the legacy of your wisdom and skill shall cover the entire universe.

you have our gratitude.

Speech on a Farewell Party

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I Am Planning On Teaching Others Of

Dr. Xu,

With deep appreciation I will take back, with me, your essence.

I am planning on teaching others of how to access their chi to use for healing.

Thank you fore your focused instruction.


Pamela Douglas


I Feel Honored To Be...

Dr. Xu,

I feel honored to be your student, and hope to help you spread Chi Gong to the U. S. A.!

Thank you for helping me. 



I Have Much More To Learn

Dear Dr. Xu Hongtao,

Thank-you for your time and your noble knowledge of Qigong. Thank-you for allowing me to study under your guidance. You have been very patient and polite with me. Americans do not have been very patient and polite with me. Americans do not have such ancient culture, we do not have patience, and politeness as deeply as your lovely country.

Qigong teaches me much and I have much more to learn. Thank-you also for the laughter and seriousness in class. I needed both. Maybe one day I will be a good student of Chinese and speak American Chinese (Englese) half as well as you speak English! A dove is a sign of peace. Alas, I can only give you a small gift of peace in chocolate.



Thank-you (3 times)

Leslie Apgar


Have Gained So Much Knowledge about...

Dear Dr. Xu,

I have gained so much knowledge about what my body can do. I will practice all you have taught us and be stronger and have more inner peace and joy.

Please accept this book my good friend wrote and illustrated

Your student

Marge Cuccio


I Love the Qigong

Dr. Xu,

Overall, the meditation experience was very good. It is a very different technique from the one that I teach + have been practicing for 25 years.

Once I got over the fatigue from traveling, I enjoyed this one more than the first 2 days. I liked the discipline but due to the fear of falling over at the moments of transcending, my awareness did not go to the depths that it has experienced previously.

Thank you very much for a wonderful 4 days. I love the Qigong.


Eleanor Hunter                             To top


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