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Dr. Xu,

Your ability to teach and share the richness of Chinese health principles and Qigong has been wonderful!

I appreciate your wisdom, your humor and ˇ°Chinglishˇ±, and the way you make us comfortable in learning Qigong. Meditation practices became easier each day. I found myself moving from a state of being aware of my surroundings to being deeper into emptiness, then back to slight awareness. Sometimes my body felt as if it was spinning from the earth energy to the universe. Other times I felt I was going deeper into meditation and my body would jerk me back to some awareness. Was I fighting the deeper state or afraid I would fall off the chair? Also, I was able to move pain around in my body and usually out of my body which was nice! I would have liked to have a bigger room to practice in.

Thank you, Dr. Xu, for sharing your knowledge with our class! I hope you can come to Minnesota!

----- A. U. 

    Comment: Pain can't be moved physiologically by mind-will, special in the conventional medical system. In traditional qigong theory, "qi will go where the mind go", which means mind-will can control the running of qi. Also, qi reflects the functional and structure state of an organic body. Diseased body has its homologized qi, which is called diseased-qi (bad energy). Painful body has its homologized qi, which is also controlled by our mind. "Pain-qi" is easily moved by transcended mind, which is one of the main principles of qigong healing.   

                    ------ by Dr. Xu Hongtao

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